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  • 8 January 2019
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Hello all you beautiful people!

Just calling your attention to some exciting updates to the community:

New Categories

We’ve refreshed the entire category list (which you can see by going here or clicking “Categories” from the home page) to simplify things and add some cool new areas of discussion. Go check it out and join some new conversations (or rediscover old ones)!

Some specific new categories of interest:

  • Open Source Projects: Viewers like you have been creating some really cool open source tools on top of Looker, and it’s high time they got some special recognition! Hop in and ask how to use them, make your first pull request, or submit your own masterpiece. Keep your eyes peeled on this one, there’s more coming.

  • Data Science & Analytics– Discuss a wider variety of best practices, workflows, and articles about data analytics and science with your peers. The sky’s the limit!

Feature Requests

Voting has been enabled in the Feature Requests category to make it easier for us to track your feedback and give you a better user experience. You can also sort the category by vote count to see the most popular requests. Go cast a vote!


Keep your eyes peeled for more cool stuff coming down the line! Thanks for being a part of our community 🙂


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