Community downtime 5/11/20

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Hey all,

During planned maintenance at 9:00pm PST today, we encountered some unexpected errors and ended up having to roll back to a backup taken earlier today (3PM PST). Total downtime was just under 2 hours and all data between 3pm pst and 9pm PST was lost. Some functionality will be reduced until we can safely turn it back on: Voting on feature requests & accepted answer functionality may not be available for a little while longer.

You may notice some of your posts are gone, or you may have received emails about replies to your post that are now mysteriously absent. If you signed up between 3pm and 9pm PST, you’ll unfortunately have to recreate your account. I’m very sorry about the inconvenience.

If you received an email in that timeframe with a reply that solved your problem, but that post is now gone from the site, consider copying & pasting from your email notification into a new reply and tagging the author so that everyone can benefit 🙂

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