A look at Looker in 2021

  • 7 January 2021
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We published a blog post today about what 2021 looks like for Looker.

There’s some great tidbits in there, and I recommend all interested Looker users give it a read to see what’s on the horizon. 

One thing to call out for those who don’t read it: Looker major versions will now match the calendar year, so we’re jumping straight from Looker 7.x to Looker 21.x. Don’t worry, you didn’t fall asleep for 14 years.


Drop a comment with what feature/area you’re most excited to see us invest in!

1 reply

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Hello Izzy,

First, let me wish you an happy new year ;)

Thanks for sharing this article, I read it and was surprised to not see any mention in the release note for the first new version of 2021. Do you know if a new release is planned for January ?

Thanks a lot!