Will changing the font color or size of the multiple value custom visualization be available?

  • 30 March 2021
  • 1 reply

When working with multiple value custom visualizations from Looker, some functionalities of the HTML parameter don’t work - like changing the font size, or the font color, or see the font family defined in the customized theme be displayed inside the dashboard tile. 
This impacts our Looker deployment because we wanted to have a single title for the tile  – if we use the single value tiles approach we’ll need multiple titles that will have a very similar text – we usually add a note to the title explaining what the user can see in that dashboard tile. Also, we would like to change the color so that the user as an easier understanding that some metrics, if in a different color, do not display any results, and so they have no drill-downs available, just by looking at them. In addition, having different font families makes the final product inconsistent in terms of visual display, which may affect our user experience with the app. 

1 reply

+1 for the ability to add HTML/color/font customizations to Mulitple Value visualizations.