What is the looker recommended folder structure for LookML development ?

  • 28 December 2021
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With different type of files (objects)  like models, views , refinements, explores, datagroups , what is the looker recommended folder organization ? i have seen a looker article some time back , but could not find it now

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I don’t think there’s anything official. One could guess that having folders for /views /models /explores /dashboards is one good way and that’s the default when you create views from tables. 


I used different approaches in the last few years and found it that I always have to have some kind of a hybrid system. What does it mean for me?


Here is what I try to section off physically (files & folders)

  1. Important / key components. Whether it be main entities, main data model (sometimes call it Core Data)
  2. Data consumption type - I always tend to keep aggregations separate for which I have a completely separate folder
  3. Thematic folders - then, if it’s necessary, I group view based on a subject, let’s say “bookings”, “subscriptions”, “users”, “orders”, or even “finance”
  4. Auxiliary items - recently I also decided to put bare views or parameters in a separate folders, along with, for example, a calendar table view, and so on.

But to be honest, I am still experimenting with what’s the best physical split versus logical