Waterfall chart error


I have created a waterfall based chart using LookML.

Has anybody experienced this issue before and know what it relates to?

ERROR: Assert Detail: ----------------------------------------------- error: Assert code: 1000 context: *extraction->numexprs < MAX_COLS - query: 12403443 location: pg_utils.cpp:610 process: padbmaster [pid=26894] -----------------------------------------------

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Jason, this looks like a bug that we’ll want to fix up. If you visit us at via email, they can help get the relevant logs and get it fixed!

In the meantime, enjoy your entomologist badge for finding a new bug! We’ll fix it up quickly.

Thanks for getting back to me.

I’ve sent the email off to the address provided 🙂

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Hi @Jason_Parks

I have replied to you via email regarding your request.

Just for sharing purpose, this error message is related to the data type being inconsistent in the query. Here’s a similar issue with explanation:

And thanks to @molly.lippsett for the guide!



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Thanks, Xin! I was stumped.