Validating LookML at the command-line?

  • 27 July 2017
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Is there a command or tool we can use on the commandline that validates LookML independent of the UI? We have a lot of Looks and they take a long time to validate. If we’re able to iterate/validate locally it’ll be faster for us in many cases.

5 replies

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Hey @mallyvai, we don’t have a way of validating LookML or content via the command line. However, I can pass your feedback/use case along to our product team!

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+1 this is easily the feature i’d most like to see rolled out

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Thanks for your feedback @Ryan_Tuck, I will let the product team know this is a very important feature for you.

Hi Looker team, any traction or updates here since the original comment was opened up?

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This is not a full solution, but I did recently publish a LookML parser, here:

It could help get you close enough where the rest of the process would be easy enough to write (mostly hitting our looks API to see all fields currently used in Looks)