Using week based date filters with Spark connection causes database errors

  • 14 January 2021
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We recently upgraded our back end databases to Apache Spark 2.0 via a Delta Lake instance and we noticed some bugs for Week based filtering that we can’t figure out how to disable. We are up to date on our looker version 7.20.29 and think this might be a pretty significant bug.
On our lookml dashboards we have time based filters. Everything seems to work as normal except when users select the week dropdown option to filter on for example “is in the past 2 weeks” it causes all of our queries to generate Spark database errors. We either need a way to fix the query generated from using the week option in filters or a way to disable week filtering from the time filter options.

Here you can see we get results when using 6mo filtering


Then when changing to 6 weeks it all errors out


Here is the error which says all week based patterns are unsupported..


At the very least we need a way to remove the week option from date filters so our users don’t get sql errors all over their dashboards.

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