Use query's calculation in LookML.

  • 15 July 2021
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Not sure how to ask this because I’m still new at this.

Our data doesn’t include a field for message url.

But it does include the parts I can use to cobble together the url.

So, in my query I’m using a calculation to generate the url on each row, for the relevant message.

My problem is, that url is considered as just text, because it’s just a concat, so I can show it in my visualization, but people can’t click it to find the actual message in our community.

I had the idea that it must be possible to somehow use LookML to add a dimension(?) that I can plug into my query, and that dimension somehow looks for the first calculation and turns it into a hyperlink.

» Basically, if my query has a field called message_subject and a calculation that has a url string, can I make that add a clickable <a href=”calculation_string”>message_subject</a> to my visualization?

1 reply

You probably want this.

dimension: the_link {

    type: string

    label: "The Link to Somewhere"

    sql: ${TABLE}."the_link_dimension" ;;

    link: {

      label: "The Best Link"

      url: "{{ value }}"