Trouble Getting Started with Model/View/Explore

  • 5 February 2020
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I’m brand new to Looker. Been reading the docs and watching tutorials. I got to a point where I wanted to setup a Looker Project and do some hands-on experimenting. I have a DB connection and can query it using SQL Runner. So I created a Project and started with a clean Model. I created a View from a Table. But I cannot create an Explore from that Table. The View file name is:


Looker does not let me change the extension from “.view.lkml”. If I include “*.view.lkml”, I get the message:

This include does not match any files.

(Oddly enough, “*.model.lkml” does indeed match the Model file. But the View is there. I see it under “Views”. It has LookML in it. I can even rename it but just cannot rename/remove the “.view.lkml”)

If I include “*.lkml” that message goes away. But then I get:

Unknown view “users” referenced by explore “users”

Of course, I cannot put a dot (.) in the view name. And any of the following tell me it cannot find the view named…

explore: users {
label: "Users"
from: users.view.lkml

explore: users {
label: "Users"
from: users.view

explore: users {
label: "Users"
from: users

Any pointers would be appreciated. Thank you.

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If your view is in a folder, you need to include the folder name in the include. Try this include:

include: “/Views/*.view”

You can see an example that has this here: