Topojson Optimisation

  • 25 May 2018
  • 1 reply

The performance of the build-in map layers such as US postcode and States seems to be a lot better than custom-loaded topojson on the interactive map tab. Is there some tricks there Looker did with optimising its own build-in layers that we could use with our own topojson?

1 reply

Hi jmak,

Thanks for reaching out to Looker with your question.

if you check out this previous thread here from Will Gieseler, he mentions that;

Mapshaper can also be used to simplify (or compress) the region data if it has too much detail. This can improve download times and rendering performance in Looker.

Try to keep the resulting TopoJSON under 5mb for best results. The thread also talks about how we use Mapshaper.

Thanks 🙂