Suggestions are not returning all values containing the filter string

I have a field, “referring_domain” with 10k values. I’m using suggest_explore to populate suggestions from a small table in bigquery, with a cache of 72 hours.

Ideally, if a user types “facebook” into the report filter, all of the possible values containing “facebook” would show up to ensure they are able to select their desired domains. I’m encountering an issue, however, where the suggestions include “” but not “”.

I’m wondering if this is being caused by the Limit 500 being applied to suggestion queries. If so, is there a way to bypass this limit? Or is the filter being applied as “facebook%” instead of “%facebook%”?

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Hi @Don,

So, the SQL that is generated to filter on those values is either facebook% or % facebook%(Notice the space between % and f). What it does here is it either looks for the beginning of a string or a start of a word, respectively. In either case, it will miss This is something I can inform my Product team about!



Oh, great to know! Thanks Vincent for the reply. I am noticing this affecting some of my other dimensions as well, so I assume a fix should help others as well.

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Correct, this will be applied to all dimensions using suggest_explore. But I will let Product aware that maybe a third option to check would be cool, something that checks somewhere in the string.


Any update on this one? Still seeing issue where typing filter “facebook” does not capture “fb.facebook” suggestion.

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@Don what version of Looker are you using?

In 4.18 we introduced an update to filters that means filter suggestions now match partial words and rank suggested filter values based on relevance.

Thanks Rufus, that’s great news! We are on 4.16, so I will give the upgrade a shot.


I see that currently not all of the possible values are being displayed in the filter dropdown in case if the corresponding database field to which the filter is mapped to has more values (like for example 1000 values)…Looker filter is currently pulling only few of them may be a 100 or so (but i’m able to search for missing values and i see them)…is there anyway that i can have Looker filter on the dashboard display ALL of the possible values from the database field instead of just limiting to some values (like 100) ?

Appreciate your help here.

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Hello @kmahamk,

By default, filter suggestions have a limit of 500. With that said, there is not currently a way to display all possible values. This is great feedback and I will be sure to relay it to the product team! Please let me know if you have any more questions about this.



Thank for your quick response.

Hi @kmahamk, I am facing a similar issue as @leticia.esparza . I have a dimension with approximately 4500 distinct values but looker does not suggest them in the filter. Is there a workaround for this?