Spree e-commerce analytics & dashboard, template

  • 12 August 2015
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This post refers to an unofficial LookML model template.

One of very common frameworks for e-commerce web sites that we encounter among some of our customers is Spree Commerce RubyGems. The default installation produces a generic database schema with a number of tables, but most importantly:

  • line_items

  • orders

  • products

  • state_changes

  • users

  • variants.

At Looker we’ve looked at this generic schema and then produced the same kind of model that we normally do on customer datasets, but with one exception: the model is fully extendable.

Our new feature, extends, lets us produce templates that can be further extended for whatever necessary customization needed by a customer.

Here is an example of the dashboard that is possible to build with this template:

3 replies

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And [here] (RETIRED: Copying a LookML Project into Looker from a GitHub Repo) are steps for easily pulling that model into your own Looker instance!

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@segahm Is this still maintained? Getting a dead link to the LookML template

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blocks_spree_ecommerce - please ask for permission access from your assigned analyst.