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  • 1 February 2017
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What is this Block and what does it tell me?

Looker’s Salesforce Block makes it easy for business to build a comprehensive sales analytics tool to understand their unique sales process with customizable reports and analysis at any level of aggregation. Specific types of analysis available upon implementing the Block include:

  • Understand where your sales team is thriving (and where they need help) by analyzing every stage of the sales funnel

  • Identify areas for growth by comparing conversion rates across verticals, regions, and individual sales reps

  • Optimize resource allocation by reviewing your pipeline potential sliced by company size, geography, or any other customer attribute

  • Automatically de-dup, clean, and update your Salesforce data

  • Combine this Block with Analytics Blocks, such as funnel, rest-of-population comparisons, and cohorting, to augment your sales analysis

Data type and technical info

Salesforce data can be customized with a wide array of customizable objects. Looker’s Salesforce Block generates a pattern based on those core objects that are standardized across instances, such as Account, Opportunity, Lead, etc… This template will help you establish the foundations of your analysis, which you can then augment with additional objects based on your customized schema!


Please note that Source Blocks are only available to current and prospective customers. Please reach out to your assigned Looker Analyst for questions, assistance implementing this block, and access to the LookML code.

Included below are some sample screenshots of a few out of the many reports / dashboards that can be created with this Block:

Sales by Company Segment

Sales Rep Dashboard (note the filter on a specific Sales Rep)

Overall Salesforce Business Pulse Dashboard

How to implement this block

The LookML for this block can be found in this Github repo. You can either download the entire block into your Looker application by following the directions outlined here, or selectively migrate pieces of the block by simply copying + pasting the block LookML into your Looker instance.

If you don’t have a Github account, we encourage you to create one for easy access to this block. If you don’t have access to the repo, or cannot make a Github account, please contact a Looker Analyst or email blocks@looker.com and we’d be happy to help.

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Broken link on how to install.

download the entire block into your Looker application by following the directions outlined here

Looking for more information.

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You’re right, that article link changed— I’ve fixed it now to link to here:

Those instructions, coupled with the github repo here: https://github.com/llooker/salesforce_by_segment

should let you clone it into your repo fairly easily, let me know if there’s any confusion still after reading that.