SFTP Server Scheduled Delivery more than 5000 records

  • 10 June 2022
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I created a Table chart and saved it as dashboard by using a database Table which comes from Google Big Query. The table in Google Big Query has got more than 5000 records approx. 60,000 rows.

I tried to setup Scheduled SFTP Server delivery in Looker to see if I can get all the 60,000 records in the SFTP server in the form of CSV file. However, I am just getting only 5000 records in the SFTP server.

Looker Documentation says “SFTP server is a good method to use when data or visualization is too large”


Do anyone tried to Schedule delivery SFTP Server to deliver more than 5000 records to SFTP server? Any help please? 

Any other delivery method that you would suggest apart from Email and SFTP like webhook, Amazon S3, Admin-enabled integrations which would deliver more 5000 records through scheduling?


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You should check this option here: limit ALL Results and you will get all your records in the export ;)


I’m exporting csv with 100.000 rows without issue like this!


Hi @antho 

I can see only these options in Looker → Dashboard → Schedule Delivery option when I try through schedule SFTP Server. A different Advanced options settings as shown in the following screenshot

And as you mentioned “I’m exporting csv with 100.000 rows without issue like this!” . Are you trying to export through Scheduled delivery or manually?

Hi @antho - I saved the Table chart from Explore as a Look rather than Dashboard. Now, I can see the Advanced options as per your screenshot in Look → Add Schedule. Thanks