Select multiple fields with one click

  • 15 October 2021
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I am wondering if I could create a field/parameter/group that when selected in the field picker or filtered by it would select a specific set of fields. This would be very nice as multiple departments will use one report and this would allow them to select on thing, eg: a checkbox, and then have it populate the visualization window with the data that is relevant to their department. Obviously I can just have multiple tiles in a dashboard, but this would be a much cleaner solution.


As an example, say I have one explore and in that explore I have data for my sales department as well as data for the operations department. A person from sales goes into the report, selects sales, the dimensions all stay the same, but the report populates measures that are relevant to sales. Then the same thing for someone from operations.

1 reply

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Not sure if this gives you exactly what you’re after, but you should check out Quick Starts. I’ve implemented this recently and it really helps end users have a good starting point when going to an explore. You’re basically pre-building a query for them, they just need to click the button and the query will automatically run.

In your case, you could create Quick Starts for each dept. They could be the exact same dimensions/measures, but different filters on them (and you’d label it as such, e.g. “Sales - Monthly Performance”, “Operations - Monthly Performance”).


Hope that helps!