Seeking for the best LookML development system in our ads agency

15 marketers and 1 LookML developer use Looker at our digital ads agency in Japan. Each marketer gives his/her client (Advertiser) access to a dashboard which shows ads performance of various media, such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

The LookML developer has defined every field so far, but it’s getting harder to deal with requests from marketers since they need a lot of custom measures & dimensions promptly to meet clients’ demand, so we think on 4 options.

  1. We hire another LookML developer
  2. Marketers gain LookML skills to add measures & dimensions
  3. We outsource LookML development to a development center in Vietnam
  4. We make apps which enable marketers add measures & dimensions on the apps UI

I believe option No. 1 is the most straightforward approach. Shouldn’t we adopt option No. 2 to maintain data governance? I now startup the development center in Vietnam, so I’d like to consider option No. 3 & 4 as well.

Does anyone face a similar situation and have knowledge for a better project structure? Sharing your success/failure story is also appreciated.

Thank you!

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