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  • 20 September 2017
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I’m having issues with some of the DDLs that have been shared in the links above. For example, most of the financial DDLs for Redshift do not work due to syntax errors and such.

The CREATE EXTERNAL Table / COPY commands do not match w/ the conventions (and also just do not work period!) from Also, there seems to be a mismatch in the type for the id column in the FRED_metadata ddl. The forex DDL only applies for the forex_real (I assume current data) and there is nothing for the historical data.

The financial indicator measures do not take into account that different datasets may be measured differently (e.g. employment rates are not measured in dollars).

12 replies

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Hey @Seth_Newman,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! In general, the DDL statements are meant as guidelines since they can vary greatly between dialects and should offer a clue as to the relevant datatype of the underlying field. We will definitely take note of these observations and update where necessary!

Hi, @Seth_Newman. This DDL was incorrectly using Spectrum format. It has been corrected. Thanks for letting us know!

Hi guys, how often are the exchange rates being updated? Could we use it in a pricing tool in near realtime?

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Hi @kay,

Currently, Looker’s exchange rate data block contains daily historical closing exchange rates all the way back to the inception of the euro in 1999. Depending on your use case and the frequency of exchange rate updates you will need, you may be able to use our data block in your pricing tool. Please let us know if you have any further questions!

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@kay, I have verified with a colleague and it seems that exchange rate block is updated with a day lag. So a realtime analysis would not be currently possible.

I am seeing that the exchangerate data on S3 was last updated on 2018-06-03 which was over a month ago. Is it still being maintained?

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Hello @sethjeffery,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! The data team is looking into this and I will follow up here with updates.



I’m also curious to see if this is still being updated.

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HI @tyreinsch and @sethjeffery,

The real exchange rate data on S3 is being updated. There was a changed to the API endpoint, but everything should be up to date now. Thanks for checking in!

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For anyone wondering how to preview public data on GCP Cloud Storage before loading it into BigQuery, you can use gsutil locally or from a Cloud Shell like this:

gsutil stat gs://looker-datablocks/gsod/gsod2011
gsutil cat gs://looker-datablocks/gsod/gsod2011 | head
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If you are trying to implement this on Snowflake and you are hosted in Europe, please note that Snowflake currently only supports data sharing in the US so this is not currently possible.

I retired this article. The content is available in Looker’s technical documentation here.