Restrict dropdown options of dashboard filters

  • 17 February 2017
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I am in process of creating a dashboard, where the parameter is Reporting Date.

Here as it is of Date format i see the huge drop down of possibilities for selection viz. is in range, is in the past, is before etc. But for the use case that i am working on - none of the other options except is in range make sense.

How can these drop down list be restricted to only what i need i.e. is in range?

17 replies

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Hi @Amruta, there is not currently a way to limit the possibilities there. I can pass along your feedback to our product team - can you elaborate on why the other options do not make sense here?

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Hi @sam, the dashboard comprise of YOY comparison for a Month (on some customized requirements) and all I need is the date range for current year and that for previous year.

Here, the last 7 days in the past or is before etc, will not be useful.

Hence, would like to restrict the other options.

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That makes sense @amruta - thanks for that!

Hi, I need this option too. Is there any progress for the product update?

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Hi Makoto-san,

This is a very active discussion in the product team but no timelines have been announced. We are still gathering feedback to understand the range of use cases for this.

Could you tell me a little more about the details of why this feature would be helpful to you? Is it to prevent user error? Performance? Specifically for dates? The details really help our product team understand customer needs and design features accordingly. If you would prefer to give those details in private feel free to visit

Thank you!


Hi Jiro-san

So I am working with agency client that has ~ 100 clients. Given that those clients are not sophisticated enough, we want to reduce a number of options in the filter to avoid confusion. For example, to simplify, those three options are enough for some of clients.

  • today

  • last month

  • this month

Hope this will be helpful and would like to know when this will be available in the product update.



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Thank you very much for the extra details!

I discussed this specific feature with our product team and they said that this feature is being considered as a portion of a larger project that is underway. We may release updates to filters over the next several releases.

In the meantime it may be helpful to include specific filter types in the filter name itself, like this:

Another option you could use is the suggestion parameter on the dimension that is being filtered. Please note here though that suggestions will not be offered for some of our filter types like matches (advanced), any of the filters starting with “doesn’t”, or contains)

Though this is not as clean and organized as being able to limit the options directly I hope it helps!

Hi Jiro

Thanks. Would love to get the timeline for adding this feature once it is decided!

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@Makoto_Taguchi, @Amruta - You can now do all of the above using Looker’s new parameter function. Here’s an example on how to implement it.

is the same option available if I want to have this in a dashboard instead of an explore?

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@ayonsarkar Yep, once you have the parameter in the look, and the look added to the dashboard, you can use the dashboard’s filter overlay to point the dash-level filter at the look-level parameter 👍

Hi all. Parameters are a great way to restrict options in a date filter, however I have a use case where this is not enough. I would like to have, say, 3 pre-defined options like Last Week, Last Month and Last Year, but still give a possibility to specify a custom range.

Is this in any way possible in one single filter?

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Has there been any update on this?

I am looking to limit the amount of countries available in a drop down list for my filter.

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I have actually solved my own issue by using the Fields to Filter setting in Filters


Any progress/update on this feature request? I’d like to restrict the drop down option to only “contains” type global filter on a dashboard. 

So this may be done as a work around.
Add this as parameter to your view:

  parameter: date_as_of {
type: date
label: "date: "

surface that in your model:

explore: my_explore {
view_name: my_explore

fields: [
# other fields...

 then add this

sql_always_where: ${my_date} <= DATE({% parameter my_view.date_as_of %})  ;;

if you look up parameters - you get a lot of flexibility in what you want to add there so a twist on the above workaround can make it fit your requirement. I hope this helps. It worked for me! :sweat_smile:  

Hi there! Any updates on how to limit the number of variants for the date filter but still leave an option of custom date range?

Last Week, Last Month, QtD but still have Custom range.

Is it possible to have  Custom range with parameters as well?