Reference line for last x days average

  • 16 August 2017
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Hi I have a scenario where I want to plot a graph for 90 day stats with a reference line displaying average of last 14 days.

Dimension: date_field

measure: Stat_vale

reference line: Last 14 day stat avg

ex table:

date:8/10 stat_value: 100

date:8/11 stat_value: 200

date:8/12 stat_value: 1000

Please help

4 replies

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Hi @nbk11kk,

You can use a table calculation (in the Calculations tab above your results table) to produce a reference line:

mean(if(row()<=14, ${stat_value}, null))

Make sure that your date_field dimension is ordered with the latest dates at the top.

Thanks Chris…what if I want to ignore weekends from last 14 days.Is that possible to achieve in table calculations

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Hi @nbk11kk,

Would it satisfy your use case to filter out weekends from the results entirely? If so, you can make date_field a dimension_group and filter on day_of_week or day_of_week_index:

Thank you so much