Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value Model (RFM)

  • 5 April 2017
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I know it’s old school, but interested in comments from those who have built an RFM model. Since we have mysql, we couldn’t use windows functions for the quartiles, but the core logic was easy with case statements.

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3 replies

This is quite an old entry but I have built an RFM model using tier dimensions in Looker. Like you, we also run on MySQL.

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Any code snippets you can share here @gorden? Very interested in your approach!

I have never built an RFM model, however, I know SQL, but I used it in another thing. Even when I started my business, the first thing I hired was to understand data analytics. Because I read a lot about this thing and most of all I liked those excel integrations, they can improve the profit of your business since all the data about the client will be known. All his preferences, what he consumes, and so on all contribute to the improvement of your business. It's fantastic that there are still people who do not believe that now information is everything. Still, some pay a lot of money for the usual advertising of their business that does not make a profit.