Quarter Format Issue

  • 16 June 2022
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Hi Team,


     I am facing problem with my Quarter value.  In my data set I can see quarter as 2021-01,2021-04,2021-07,2021-10.

    But my requirement is to show case this as 2021-Q1,2021-Q2,2021-Q3 and 2021-Q4.

     I am not able to implement liquid variable with rendered value for Quarter as  implemented for month and week.

Could any one from the group can help me in resolving the issue.





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1 reply

Hello Pa1!


I believe creating a separate dimension of type date_quarter is exactly what you are looking for. Something like the following:


  dimension: date_qtr {
type: date_quarter
sql: ${date_raw} ;;

This will return values in your desired output!