PDTs unintentionally rebuild during the day

  • 14 December 2017
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We have a chain of PDT’s that should refresh at the start of a new day, based on a trigger value that watches for the passing of a day.

However, it seems that PDT’s only exists 24 hours from the time on a day the PDT was created for the FIRST TIME.

So what we have going on here is that apart from them being rebuild on our intended moment in time (the passing of a day), they ALSO rebuild during the day at the time they where 1st created.

This is not what we want

Is there any way we can change this behavior?

3 replies

Hi Rogier,

Instead of using the “Persist For” parameter for PDTs try using sql_trigger_value. This doc contains a bunch of examples of logic that you can use to schedule the rebuild to a specific time of day.

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Hi @Rogier_Werschkull,

Thanks for reaching out. Have you been making changes to these PDTs in dev mode? If so, this may explain the 24 hour persistence you are seeing. When you make changes to the SQL of a PDT and query it, a new development version of the PDT is created, allowing you to test changes without disturbing end users. These development versions of PDTs are persisted for a max of 24 hours, regardless of the persistence you have set with sql_trigger_value or persist_for. After you push your changes to production, Looker will immediately begin treating your development table as the production table, and apply the persistence/rebuild schedule you have specified. This info can be found here.

Hope this clears things up! Let us know if you have any further questions.



Thanks, I will let my people check!