Passing Value from filtered measure as a label

  • 12 May 2022
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Hello everyone, currently I am facing some usability issue with our end users.

I am trying to pass the value that I wrote on the group_label or the filtered measure into the label of the filtered measure.

measure: purchases_segment_1 {
label: "Purchases"
group_label: "Segment 1"
type: sum
sql: ${metric};;
filters: [measure: "purchases", segment: "Segment 1"]

measure: purchases_segment_2 {
label: "Purchases"
group_label: "Segment 2"
type: sum
sql: ${metric};;
filters: [measure: "purchases", segment: "Segment 2"]


I have several measures that are structured in that way, but whenever they go into the resylts, they look all the same.




Is there any way that I can append the valued filter from the measure field, inside the label of the measure.

At the end they would automatically look like Purchases Segment 1 and Purchases Segment 2.

I tried using liquid, but so far no luck.


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They look the same because your “label” overwrites the names. Try this:


group_label: “Segment 1”

group_item_label: “Purchases”


These two will deal with how fields are displayed in the field picker, so we want to make them coincise and not repeat the Segment 1

However the “label” is what gets displayed in the data table onwards, so I would suggest to keep the full name but only overwrite the UI labels