Passing parameters to extension via dimension link

  • 14 January 2022
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In my manifest.lkml file, I have following extension:

application: resend_email {
label: "Resend Email"
file: "resend.js"
entitlements: {
use_embeds: yes
use_form_submit: yes
core_api_methods: ["all_user_attributes","me","run_query","user_attribute_user_values"]
external_api_urls: ["*"]
scoped_user_attributes: ["mb_client_id", "mb_client_secret"]

And in my mb.view I have following dimension:

  dimension: resend_to_customer {
sql: ${email_reference_id} ;;
html: <a target="_blank" href="{{value}}" >Resend to Customer</a> ;;


Does anyone know how I can pass this id parameter to my resend.js ?

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