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  • 21 June 2017
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What is Kustomer

Kustomer is the first customer support platform that brings together your data and conversations in one place so you can really see the customer for the first time. Kustomer enables you to combine your customer behaviors with business events so that you can get a complete context for the customer.

What is this block and what does it tell me?

This block includes 3 dashboards by default to start analyzing your Kustomer site. You can customize this block by adding custom objects (kobjects) from Kustomer to your database or custom fields that are added to your customer or conversation system objects, adding new metrics to the dashboards and creating brand new dashboards!

The Block assumes you are using Amazon Redshift as your database - please contact Kustomer if you’re interested in using a different back-end data source.


Users Dashboard

  • Key statistics for support team members, including average time to first completion

  • Average time to first response and average number of messages in conversations

  • Number of customers assigned to each team member

Conversations Dashboard

  • Conversation status and volume by channel

  • Week over week change in conversation count

  • Average hours to respond overlaid on conversation count

  • Daily customers, messages, conversation count

  • Tag usage by week

  • Average minutes to first completion for conversations

Conversation Detail Dashboard

  • Use this detail dashboard to drill down into individual messages for a conversation

  • This shows you the detail you need for deeper analysis


To set up this block users will need to set up a Kustomer account.

Please contact the Kustomer team ( or check out our website for additional details.

How to implement this Block

Please contact your Looker Analyst or Kustomer to get the LookML for this Block.

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