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  • 25 October 2016
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What is this block and what does it tell me?

The Google Block for Gaming Analytics, developed by seasoned experts at Google and Looker, provides comprehensive analysis around game level and player performance. The block makes it easy for everyone in your company to understand exactly what is driving your players to keep coming back. Game developers can see what features are being used, level difficulty, and player lifetime value to enhance their understanding of what players love about their games.

Data type and technical info

Gaming data typically contains three distinct tables, which collectively provide the tools for deep and broad analysis:

  • Users - contains the id and creation date of each game user

  • Events - contains all the individual actions and events that occur during game usage

  • Sessions - contains data showing all the events and associated timestamps a user triggers during a single session. In many cases we must create this table as a derived table based on the events table.


Included below are some sample screenshots of a few out of the many dashboards that can be created with this Block:

####Player Overview

####Game Overview

####Platform Engagement

##How do I Implement this Block?

The LookML for this block can be found in this Github repo. You can either download the entire block into your Looker application by following the directions outlined here, or selectively migrate pieces of the block by simply copying + pasting the block LookML into your Looker instance.

If you don’t have a Github account, we encourage you to create one for easy access to this block. If you don’t have access to the repo, or cannot make a Github account, please contact a Looker Analyst or email blocks@looker.com and we’d be happy to help.

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