One View References Multiple Connections

  • 18 August 2016
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I have two connections that are two different databases. I am hoping to create a view that can reference both connections. Is there a way to do this? Ideally I am hoping to create a derived table using both connections like this:

Connection a.table1

Connection b.table2

  • view: test


    sql: |

    select * from a.table1 JOIN b.table2 on =

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Hi Joseph,

There are certain situations in which this is possible with Looker. Check out this post describing them.

The cases where this is not possible are due to limitations of SQL and RDBMS technologies. Eventually we would like to offer tools to work around this (think stitching together separate looks) but currently it is more in the phase of long-term vision rather than concrete planning.

As described in the linked article, we recommend centralizing all of your data into a single RDBMS so you can query it together. Feel free to reach out via email if you would like to talk more about this. Thanks!