Not able to see the LookML dashboard front end in the folder in development mode as well

  • 27 April 2020
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I am not able to see my Looker dashboard in development mode.

I copied the LookML of the User Dashboard and pasted in LookML dashboard and saved it in a folder (say Abhineet) in dev mode. However, when i went to the folder, the LookML dashboard was not present.

Please suggest how we can see the dashboard so we can make changes and see the output.

4 replies

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Make sure that your model has the correct include parameter like

include: "/dashboards/*.dashboard"


include: "/*.dashboard"

Thanks… I tried this but it is still not working… I cannot see my the front end of my lookml dashboard in the folder…

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can you share a screenshot of your model as well as the folders and files organization, something like this:

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I’m not positive if this is true or just superstition on my part, but I swear I’ve noticed this happen before I’ve made my very first push to production— Something about the LookML dashboards needing to be in production and included in the model?

Might just be superstition but I always push to production once.