No Map Layer named LookML Warning

  • 6 May 2022
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I have defined a map_layer_name following all these steps

My map works perfectly in development mode and I can see my data plotted as I would expect it. 


However, when Validating LookML it says that my map layer is not defined 

I have tried exiting the developer mode and developing again, using another browser I have never used for developing, changing the name of the map layer and still no success. Any idea why this could be happening? 

How do I bypass a warning if it’s actually working? 


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5 replies

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Hi Luciana!


Could you share the map_layer definition? Perhaps one parameter is missing


map_layer: identifier {
extents_json_url: "string"
feature_key: "string"
file: "/file_path/file_name.json" # or use the url subparameter
format: topojson | vector_tile_region
label: "string"
max_zoom_level: number
min_zoom_level: number
projection: airy # or one of many other choices
property_key: "string"
property_label_key: "string"
url: "string" # or use the file subparameter

Maps parameters




Hope it helps!






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Hi Leo, 

thanks for answering. 

From the guidelines I interpreted that all the default values would map my file, so I have not configured any extra ones. I have this at the moment and it’s still giving errors. 

And as said, it’s working when I do an explore with it.

Any ideas? 


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I discovered the mistake!!! 

the error was not coming from the map_layer, bu the map layer not being defined in every single model we use the view. We have many views that we join all over and therefore the map_layer needs to be declared in each of those models so that it can be taken. 

I wish this could be done from the manifest, but apparently is not possible.

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Hi Luciana!

I agree. There is a post of Daniel Mintz ( A Hero without a cape haha) which covers one example using manifest file to reuse a json variable and use it in map layers, perhaps it will help :






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Thanks Leo, I came across that post before, but I didn’t want to use a public tool to access the maps as the definition of our focus regions is strategical information. 

But I will have a look. 

Thanks for the help!