Native Derived Table > Auto-gen LookML for existing Explore table calcs

  • 28 April 2021
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Hi Folks,

Looker newbie, apologies in advance.

I’m hoping to build a native derived table, to aggregate the results from several Views / Looks. One of the key elements I’m hoping to be able to lift are a series of Table Calcs I’ve implemented across many distinct Looks.

I had a quick look at the auto-gen LookML for derived tables, which does not include the Table Calcs - but looking at the Dashboard LookML I can see what looks like the definition of the Table Calcs there.

Question - 

  1. Is is possible to lift the Dashboard LookML for Table Calcs and use it in my native derived table?
  2. Is there a another way I haven’t considered of collating elements from Looks / Views in a “meta” object?

Thanks in advance for any steer offered.


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