Multiple selection dropdown menu with a SQL DISTINCT UNION of values

  • 16 November 2022
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I’d like to create a dropdown filter of approximately 70 values, the values are from an SQL query of the DISTINCT UNION of 10 different fields (using a series of “{condition} $field1 {endcondition} OR {condition} $field2 {endcondition} OR … etc down to field 10) , and the filter is applied to any of the 10 fields that contain a value from the dropdown menu. I have been able to create a filter that will work and will return any row where any one of the 10 of the fields being filtered contains a match from the list of DISTINCT UNION values, however it requires the user to manually search the field for the value and this does not meet my requirements. Any way to do this in looker? When I do look at the dropdown filter options it shows a limit of 50? Is this the maximum number of multiple selections that are possible from a dropdown menu?

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