Measure value changes when linking to another Dashboard

  • 25 June 2018
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Trying to link a measure on a Look on one Dashboard to another Dashboard which contains additional details specific for a dimension. However when I pass the dimension value in the link for the measure it changes the measure value on the Dashboard. Simple description:

Dashboard #1 contains 2 Looks (Tiles):

  • Single Value Look with the overall metric_value which is a percentage (measure)

  • Top 10 Products listing the metric_value (measure) for each Product

Dashboard #2 contains additional Looks (Tiles) regarding the Product from Dashboard 1 Top 10 Look, passing the value of the Product Dimension as a filter.

dimension: product

type: string

sql: {TABLE}.product

measure: metric_value

type: number

sql: (1.0*${count_products})/NULLIF(${volume}, 0) ;;

value_format_name: percent_2

link: {

label: “Product Review”

url: “{{ view.product._filterable_value }}”


The link works on the measure, however the Value for the Single Value Look on Dashboard #1 changes from its actual value to 100%

Any advise would be most appreciated.

Thank you

2 replies

Hello @praab

One thing I noticed was that the url liquid parameter should have an _ before the filterable_value which is discussed in this article on using liquid (link here.) so that is would look something like this: url: "{{ view.product._filterable_value }}" There is more explanation on Custom Drilling Using HTML and Link (link here.)

I’m not sure I understand the issue with the tile in the Single Value Look on Dashboard #1 except if you have the “product” in the filter and apply it to that tile, then the product in question would be 100% based on that filter. In that case, it would be important to make sure that the product filter was not being applied to that tile. Here is our doc on Adding Filters to User-defined Dashboards (link) which talks about applying the filter to specific tiles.

If you have further questions or want to clarify the issue with the single value look on Dashboard #1, please let us know or feel free to email us at <> to discuss the specific issue that is happening there.

Wanted to update what I discovered with the help of Looker Support.

Whenever a field (dimension) is referenced in a link parameter for a measure it needs to be included in the query. Looker will add it automatically even if it’s not selected on the front - end.

However if that measure with the link referenced field is used in with other Looks/explores which do not include the field (dimension) in the sql then it will result in other looks displaying null or incorrect values.

Thank you Looker Support for help me to understand this.