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  • 19 November 2015
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I have clients that want to see the market share of the top brands including themselves. Example: My client is in the top 10 brands on the East coast but they are number 18 on the West Coast. So depending on the filter criteria my client may not show up on the market share widget. They want to always show up on the widget.

Note: This behavior is common among most clients in several industries (jeans, cars, trucks, tractors, etc). So we need to have a dynamic solution that can be reused across industries not just hard coding the brand directly into the model / widget.

[Multi-Level Peer Comparisons w/ Share of Wallet Application](Multi-Level Peer Comparisons w/ Share of Wallet Application)

2 replies

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We’ve got two good articles on this:

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@srivera Good to see you on Discourse. Hope these posts helped out - let me know if you have any trouble re-appropriating the patterns for your own use!