Mapbox error 5.14.16

  • 26 May 2018
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Hi Team,

when trying to download a dashboard/look which consists of map getting an error. Did whiltelisted but still getting an error any suggestions?

PS: while running the dashboard there were no issues , issue is only when we download the dashboard and schedule as email.

ERROR message:

Uh oh. “Target page generated a JavaScript error: could not load Mapbox style at

4 replies

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Hi Bhanu,

Currently, custom visualizations and their dependencies (like utils.js and d3v4.js) need to be written in ES5 to work with PhantomJS for downloading and scheduling. Code can easily be converted with a tool like Babel ( Looker will be migrating to a different rendering engine in the near future which should alleviate this requirement.

Looking at the error it feels like that is what’s happening in your case. Custom visualisations is still a very beta feature. We provide examples that can be found Here but somethings might not work as expected still.

Should you have more questions feel free to pop back on chat with us.



Hi Sasha,

thanks for your reply, so you want me to take the until.js and d3v4.js files and convert it to ES5 and place it in the same plugins/common folder with same names?

could you please briefly explain the steps how to fix this issue?

we have so many maps in our reports and after the upgrade nothing is working out.



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@getbhanuin - There have been a few improvements to the standard map viz in Looker since 5.14, including a switch to Mapbox as our maps provider. For on-premise installations, make sure is whitelisted. You can find the full release notes for 5.14 here. If you’re still having trouble, feel free to reach out to our support teams at or using the in-app chat.

Hi Brecht,

i did whitelisted the mapbox url