Manipulating dashboard filter in listen field

  • 23 May 2017
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I have a dashboard with a global filter implemented (date_filter). I have several different visualisations listen to this filter which is awesome. However, some visualisations are currently incompatible with the date_filter I have setup, because they take a slightly different filter input value.

I have tried manipulating the filter value for these visualisations within the listen field, e.g.:

#dashboard filter definition:

- name: time_range
title: 'current period for review'
type: date_filter
default_value: 2 hours

#usage within the dashboard visualisation:
- name: some_arbitrary_graph
title: foobar
time_range: 10 * product_sales.timestamp_time

Looker starts throwing warnings that it doesn’t recognize the value submitted in the listen/time_range. Is this currently not possible or am I implementing this not in the correct manner?

Thanks in advance!

1 reply

Hi there @barend_l! While that is a clever manipulation, this won’t work in this case, because the listen parameter is expecting a filter name and a field name, not an arithmetic value for that filter.

At this time, I would recommend creating a new filter for each visualization that requires a different input value in the dashboard LookML. That way, you can specify the default value that is specific and accurate to the visualization in question.