LookML does not update automatically - View BQ or dbt

  • 3 November 2021
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I have a question (maybe I’m late to the party) regarding Looker update from a view… If I’m connecting Looker to a view from BQ (that I develop in dbt and materialize in BQ) . When I make a change in the model eg(description, schema, etc), it is not updated in the LookML, I understand that this happens because Looker is designed to model the data directly there, but what happens for these cases when we call a view? Is there a possible way to automate this process?.. The most recent use case that I have: we have an Explore in Looker that is calling a view in BQ, we added ALL the field descriptions in BQ and the only way we found to add it to Looker was by literally creating a new view from scratch

1 reply

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Take a read of this, your question relates to the layering and the base section, I have not looked to see if its possible to generate lookml via the API for a given database object though.