LookML concatenation with space in between fields

  • 18 January 2022
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Trying to concatenate dimensions and separate them with a space or dash but when I add in the character the new concatenated string does not populate. Simple example - 


Dims - cat, dog

function that does work: concat(cat, dog) = tabbypitbull

desired result: concat(cat,” “, dog) = tabby pitbull

-it was posted earlier in the community, but not resolved. Can anyone please help?

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3 replies

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concat(field, “ “, field) works fine for me so it may be something else that’s making this not work in your case



Thanks for the prompt revert, but i am still facing this error while definning a dim - impression_code

ah, i see. you did it at custom field option in explore, while I am trying to define at view level

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Ah  I though you were doing this in Table Calculations. 


Then I would make sure you get the desired result in your database first, whatever your dialect is.