Looker ML warning unknown or unexpected parameter "extension"

  • 9 December 2021
  • 3 replies

This warning has suddenly started popping up for our looker dashboards and was curious what may have caused this?  I can’t fin dany updates in the release notes that would relate.  Our extensions haven’t been modified but now we get this warning:

unknown or unexpected parameter “extension” in dashboard definition

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3 replies

Yes, same issue here!

This also created a lot of warnings/bugs as well.. not sure if they are related or not but did something change?

Yes, I also have a ton of warnings/bugs that have never shown up before. I think they all seem to be related to the issue with the ‘extension’ parameter no longer being recognized in dashboards. I double-checked the LookML Dashboard documentation and ‘extension’ is still listed as a parameter. It seems like this must be a bug in the Looker 21.20 deployment.