Looker Life Hacks (Join Me!)

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Got a looker life hacks like commands to clear selection or force pull from production and more? Would love to hear what you have up on your sleeve! 😉 I’m going to start first!

Life Hack #1: Seeing errors because your local production branch is not up to date?

When changes are pushed to production they push to remote production and sometimes we need to manually update our local production environment. In your LookML page, HOLD SHIFT & CLICK ON THE ARROW next to the Validate Again function. You will get MORE functions. 🙂

What You See Normally


What You See When You SHIFT


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This is such a cool thread, thanks for starting!

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Kinda remembered this one way after the fact, but…

If you want to quickly add a hidden field to your explore, just append &f[view.field]=0 to your current URL. This will add the field as an additional filter, without interfering with your other selected dimensions and filters, then you can add the field to your table, if desired, by using the gear menu from the newly applied filter

If I can add my usd_2 (LookML joke):

On Mac:

Command + Option + 0 to fold all LookML in current file

Command + Option + shift + 0 to unfold all LookML in current file

I guess replace Option with Alt on other OS.

It changed my life!

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😂 😂 😂

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Not sure this counts as a life hack, but I wrote some CSS to increase the width of the autocomplete dropdown and enable vertical scrolling and it’s made my workflow 10x better 😃


this is exactly what I came looking for, thank you very much!

When you want to create a report with a specific order of the columns, you can set up a set of fields with all the fields in the order you want and then use the drill to generate the report (click and then explore from here in the drill result) - instead of manually generating the report - it is also good to keep track of the order - if the order matters!

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X-posting @Dawid_Nawrot’s “Collapse all field groups” bookmarklet to collapse every field in the field picker 🔥🔥🔥

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from @gregono1:

Not exactly a hack but something that I recently noticed.

When you use the ‘fold LookML’ option, how much of the code it folds depends on where your cursor is. I had always assumed it just collapsed everything completely which was a bit annoying as generally in a view I want the view itself expanded but all the dims/measures etc collapsed - and this is what happens so long as your cursor is inside the view: myview { } block. Magic!

Hey @izzy  @fabio@Dillon_Morrison@ernesto@will.adams@jeffrey.martinez  this is one of the coolest threads I’ve found in Community! Not sure if similar iterations that are more recent exist, and I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d love to see what tips & tricks folks have picked up over the past year or two... that’s a lot of version releases and feature updates… what do ya say we bring it back?!

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@lindenPMP - I don’t have any new in-product hacks myself, but since Looker’s extensibility interfaces have grown so much in the past year or two (extensions and OAuth for the API in particular), I think a lot of us have been making cool things in that space.

One that I got through our open sourcing process is here. It’s a sample lightweight Node.js server that helps translate OAuth-authenticated users into backend service-account authenticated API calls for exposing limited administrative capabilities to your end users: