Looker BA Exam

  • 5 October 2021
  • 6 replies

Hi all,

I have the Looker Business Analyst Certification Exam in a few days.

Do you know what exactly I should master to succeed in the exam?

Anyone has an idea about the materials and sample questions?

6 replies



With pleasure.

Thank you very much for your feedback. 


My company has the looker instance. But, I just focused on studying the Looker Docs for the exam which was not sufficient!

I am planning to re-do the exam.

I would really appreciate it if you share your experience after taking the exam.

Good luck :)  

Many thanks for your reply Mehrnaz,


I’m expecting to pass the certification to be able to work on Looker projects. 

The issue that, expect sandbox, we dont have access to Looker for manipulating data. 

Did you find solution to have access to Looker? 



Yes, I did the exam but did not pass it yet.

The questions were totally unexpected, I suggest you to focus on:

  • scheduling (and it’s params and features),
  • look-linked vs. query-tiered looks,
  • what are the best ways to share dashboards with different users and different access permissions.
  • what happens when a dashboard and a tile has different filters (which one overwrites the other one) and how to solve issues related to it
  • what kind of fields can’t be dowloaded into csv
  • etc.

in general, if you have done a project in looker it’s much easier to pass the exam than just studying for it.

Hi, did you perform the exam or not yet passed? 
Im expecting to take the exam, if you already passed it I’ll be grateful if you give me some feedback.

thanks in advance