Liquid Parameters - One value change all

  • 28 April 2021
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Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing well. I’m still quite new to looker and haven’t been able to figure this one out.

I have a use case in which I would like to switch between measures according to a user selection, in this case its my measure unit (tons, boxes and liters). However, this is where it gets tricky, I have several measures I would have to change such as forecasts, sales, budgets , etc. And even more some forecasts are on different levels , saying 30 days, 90, 120, etc.


What I have now is a web of parameters one for each category of measures (sales, budgets, forecasts) and while it is working, it is not the best solution for the business user who should just click 1 button selecting the unit of measure to switch everything accordingly.



I am calculating:


ton_sales / ton_budget


The way it works now is selecting the type of measure (tons) in two separate parameters (sales and budget) but all I want is to select “Tons” 


My question is, is there a way of changing several measures using a single parameter ??

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