Last Quarter data in new quarter

  • 3 July 2021
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Hi, i need to get the data for the last date of quarter can someonehelp me here

3 replies

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We don’t know what your data looks like, what you built in Looker, how you modelled it, where is the problem in your explore/query. Not much to go on, therefore we can’t help you if you first don’t give us more infor

Have made all views and model & have made a report for q4 here I wanted to get the few records for the last q3

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Sorry, it stiill doesn’t tell us much, I don’t know what your data, views, and reports look like. You can use data field timeframes and select “in the past 2 quarters” which would give you current and last one, or “in the past completed quarter” which would only give you the previous one