Keep looks associated with view even when view is moved to a new explore

  • 16 November 2017
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Often times, I have looks that are based on a single view. Down the road, I may realize that two views make sense to be joined together in a single explore. Unfortunately, I then lose all looks and dashboards I had previously built. Basically, you have to know exactly how you will one day want to set up your data the day you begin setting up your data.

1 reply

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Hey @Elyse_Weiss,

There are a couple of options to avoid having to recreate your looks and dashboards:

  1. Create a new explore to join the two views so that you don’t have to change any explores that your looks and dashboards depend on. You can include your view files in as many different explores as you like. The only restriction is that you can’t give two explores the same name, so if you want two different explores to have the same base view, you can use the view_name parameter:

  2. If you do want to have your looks and dashboards be based on a different explore, you can use the content validator and use the Find and Replace All Looks feature to replace your previous explore reference with the new reference for all looks that relied on the previous explore. If this content validator is not already enabled, your internal admin can enable it for you. Here’s the doc on the content validator:

Let me know if you have any questions!