Joining three views to a single explorer from two different folders in looker

  • 27 November 2022
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Hi team,

             I need to create a single explorer where I should join 3 views but the problem here is 2 views are from one folder and the other view left is from another folder.

Is it possible to join like that, because I tried but it is showing error.

Thanks, it would be helpful if I get the clarity.


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3 replies

Try copying the path of the views from respective folders and paste them in the include section of your model where you intend to create the explore.


Hello @Devi V,

You can create a new explore file and include it in the model. Or you can create the explore in model itself. However, you have to provide reference of views in explore or model files. (use include parameter)

Step 1: To keep things simple, I made a new explore file called "three_view.explore." All three view references are included in the three_view.explore file.

# all views files path
include: "/views/Folder1/view1.view"
include: "/views/Folder2/view2.view"
include: "/views/Folder3/view3.view"

explore: three_view{
# business logic and join conidtions etc


Step 2:  Add  explore file to the model - 

connection: "@{connection_name}"

# include all explore files in the model file

# Explore for three views table
include: "/explores/three_view.explore"

datagroup: model_dg {
sql_trigger: SELECT --- ;;
max_cache_age: "4/8/16/24 hours/min"
label: "Datagroup Lable"
description: " Datagroup description"



Thanks @vikram.singh-1632924966 , I tried it and its working.