Joining Date to Datetime in model

  • 10 October 2017
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I was hoping for some assistance on an error I’m receiving trying to build out my model. I currently have two views; where one view has a date field in a datetime format and the other view has a date field in a date format both off a derived table.

The first view has a dimension_group where the type:time and timeframes: [hour, date, week, month] and the second view has dimension_group where the type:time and timeframes: [date].

In the model I have a left outer join from view 2 to view 1 with a relationship: many to one. I’m having an issue with the sql on: view2.date_date = view1.date_date. For some reason I can’t join on the date specifically. Lookml is validated but the error when running the fields show: “Missing dates for ‘v2.date_date’ were not filled. Only one dimension is allowed when filling in missing rows.” Can you assist?

I would like the end result to look something like this.

1 reply

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Hello @Tracy.Sit

That error typically comes up when using dimension fill. As the error message suggests, missing dates can only be added for a query with one dimension selected. If dimension fill is enabled, can you please try disabling it? It can be found as an option after clicking the edit cog on the right-hand side of the field header. If this doesn’t solve the issue, please visit with further details (i.e. which fields you’re including in the explore query, a screenshot of the error message, etc.) so we can help!


Philip M.