Join a VIEW in Explore without having a Join/Common Key

  • 21 December 2020
  • 1 reply

Hi Experts,

I have an Explore in my Model where I have multiple View joined properly using ‘sql_on:’  I want to add one more VIEW to the existing explore, where I don’t have a common field to be joined using sql_on:. So I used the below approach: 

join: aap_rebate_table {
  type: cross
  sql: 1=1  ;;
  relationship: one_to_one


But while adding the fields in my Explore, its giving me below error. Can you help in fixing this approach? 

My Database is BigQuery.



1 reply

If you want to use a cross join, you’ll either want to use `sql_on: 1=1;` (note this is `sql_on`, not `sql`) or simply leave the sql/sql_on field out.