JOIN 2017 - Deep Dive - Action Hub

  • 5 September 2017
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Why is the Looker Action Hub Important?

  • It allows data to be sent to other SaaS tools automatically

  • It takes away the need for tedious manual tasks that take time to execute

  • It automates the analysis-to-action pipeline

Documentation and guides to Looker’s Action Hub:

1. The big idea behind Segment Actions

Our very own VP of Platforms, Jaime Davidson, explains why setting up a seamless and automated analysis-to-action pipeline is crucial to operationalizing your data.

2. How to get started with Segment Actions

Set up integrations between Looker and Segment for faster and effective customer segmentation. Looker sends reports and lists to Segment, which are in turn sent to tools like MailChimp and Marketo to create custom segments.

3. Segment documentation for Looker Sources

Here is Segment’s detailed documentation on how to connect data coming out of Looker to a wide variety of SaaS tools.

You can view the JOIN2017 slide deck here!

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