Is there a way to require a JIRA ticket number in commit messages?

  • 7 July 2017
  • 3 replies

We use a commit-msg hook on our GitHub server to enforce that all commit messages start with a JIRA ticket number from our issue tracking system. Is it possible to implement such a hook on our Looker server in order to prevent local commits from being created that will fail when Looker tries to push the developer branch to origin?

3 replies

Hey amock,

Thanks for your question. At this time there’s no functionality in Looker that will allow you to check the contents of the commit message box before sending out the commit. Happy to communicate to the product team that you’d like this ability for a future release of Looker.



Yes, please do. For now, when one of our developers makes a commit without a JIRA ticket number, their only recourse is to ‘Revert to Production’ to delete the local commit, losing all their changes in the process.

Hi, any plans on making this possible?