Is it possible to return dimensions with different types under a single parameter?

  • 6 September 2021
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Hi all, 


Now I have the data which is similar as follows:

week_from_launch     date                       sales 

52                                  2020-08-15           1000

104                               2021-08-15            900

…                                   …                              …


The week_from_launch is an integer and date is date.

What I want to achieve is to set a parameter, and use the dimension selected as the x-axis of the bar chart. So when I choose ‘week_from_launch’, the data will be shown with week_from_launch, and vice versa. 


However, since they are in different data types, I am struggling to find a way to visualise it. 

Does anyone have any good suggestions? Thanks!


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1 reply

Hi, I made something similar to your problem.

I defined a parameter which allows me to switch between two dimensions.


Then, I defined a measure (in your case, it should be a dimension) which will store the value for this selected dimension.


If you need to have them in string you could try cast the values.

Let me know how it’s going.